A 100% free book that you can instantly download, print and start recording your little one's memories. This modern baby book makes it easy for your fill out and document. It even includes fun and easy check marks and color graphs. It includes pages for pregnancy to the first birthday. It includes multiple pages that you can print and use as photo papers. Or, you can save the ink and add in your own scrapbooking pages to make the book your own!

Book is 8.5 x 11" 
75 Pages

The book includes:
• Pregnancy page
• Mommy & Daddy detail page
• Siblings/ Pet page
• Daddy's family tree
• Mommy's family tree
• Labor and delivery page
• First glance page
• Handprint/ footprint page
• Birth stats
• Taking you home page
• First week of life
• Second week of life
• 1-12 month pages
• Special memory pages after each monthly page
• First birthday party page
• First year stats page
• Baby's First page
• Teeth documenting page
• Friends Page
• Multiple pages for photos

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