DIGITAL DOWNLOAD- Girl Preemie Baby Book

As a preemie mom myself, I know how those long days in the NICU can be draining and tough. I understand the need to have something to focus on. I had to write everything down that the doctor or nurse said so that I could go over it again at night. 

That's why I developed these Preemie Baby Book to document your time in the NICU. This will give you something to focus on while you spend countless hours next to your preemie in the NICU.

The book includes:
• Customized Front Cover
• Baby On The Way (mother's pregnancy)
• About the parents
• Family Trees
• Delivery stories
• Personal mom/dad letters to baby
• Page for hand and feet prints
• Birth Stats
• Customized Growth pages (23-40 weeks)
• 3 Week stages documenting the changes that your preemie is going though and how to help them
• Memory pages after each of the 3 week pages
• Stat pages that you can write down baby weight and height each day
• Page for the NICU nurses and Doctors pictures
• NICU First time page
• Going Home Page
• A page to list out all the family and friends that came to visit
• 2 Pages for photos/txt of other NICU moms you met along the way
• 15 Photo Pages throughout the book

• Place the name that you want on the cover in the comment section. A proof will be sent in 24hrs for you to approve. Once approved, your digital copy will arrive in 24 hrs to the email provided!
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