Fringe Italian crepe paper backdrop for baby shower, birthday or wedding shower- 10 total


Includes 10. Various shades of pink as shown. Each fringe is handcut.

Paper is Italian Crepe paper.
Heavy Weight (180 GRAM)


Perfect for use at birthday parties, baby shower or wedding shower!

1. These can be easily taped to the wall with scotch tape on the top, bottom, or corners of streamers. By placing tape on the bottom, it'll keep your twirls in place. When carefully removed, the fringes can be reused if you would like to keep for future usage. (I prefer this method because I like for all my fringes to go in one direction and they won't move due to taping.)

2. Or you could hang these loose from the ceiling if you want to makes holes on the top with strings attached and dangle down. The twirls won't stay in place with this method and each fringe will twirl whichever way they please. I've tried this method and it's okay as long as the fringes are close to each other (so that the twirls will remain in place.)

*Please note these are crepe papers and if they are soaked/wet the colors will run and fade. I recommend for indoor use only. Outdoor usage should be fine depending on weather. Also, these definitely look better on a solid color wall. (If you have designed wallpaper, buy some cheap Dollar Tree plastic tablecloth and tape to the wall to create one solid color for your fringes.)

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