Medicine Chart

When our little one gets sick or is teething it usually involves long nights for momma which can make for some tired days. Trying to keep their medicine and dosage correct can sometime be confusing. Or, in my case, my husband can never remember how much to give them. 

Now you can have all the medicine and dosage correctly listed on the refrigerator and a spot to mark if you gave them their medicine that day. Easily update the information as they grow by wiping it away and rewriting the new dosage. 

If you have a medically fragile baby that requires multiple medicines you can now easily keep track of the medicine, dosage and when you last gave it to them.

Have a lot of little ones running around? Perfect to keep track of multiple kids medicine and dosage. 

Take your little one to a daycare? Send the chart along!

Perfect to help babysitters and other family members know the correct medicine and dosage to give your little one

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Kids Medicine Chart
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